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Dept of dental surgery, Govt Thoothukudi medical college headed  by    Prof  Dr.G.Suresh kumar MDS (Oral and maxillofacial surgery). We have four assistant professors in the following speciality. Dr.Parvatha varthini.M  MDS (Oral and maxillofacial surgery),  Dr. T. Mariasingam  MDS ( Prosthodontics and crown & bridge ),  Dr. F.Ajay MDS (Conservative dentistry & endodontics) ,                                Dr. D.Gokul (Orthodontics & dentofacial orthopedics). We have two Dental hygeinists named Mrs. S.Santhanalakshmi & Mrs.R.Anusia and two Dental technicians named                                                         Mr. K.Parvathinathan & Mr.L.Asir santhosh.
 The  dept has an op waiting hall , two op rooms for separate male and female patients. we have two fully air conditioned minor operating rooms with three dental chair units and one digital x ray unit attached. we have separate prosthodontics lab for making dentures .
 Op proceeds from 7: 30 am to 12:30 pm  followed by extension op till 2:00 pm . Op cases are daily seen and needed cases will be admitted in the ward.
 Our proceeding  of receiving facial bone trauma cases from TAEI ward after getting clearance from neurosurgery dept.
Treatment comprises of fracture reduction of maxilla and mandible by means of wires, intermaxillary fixation by achieving occlusion followed by ORIF (open reduction and internal fixation ) done under general anaesthesia . Our work furnished with ultrasound facilities , CT scan ,MRI, xray  under the guidance of radiology dept .
 We work in a integrated format along with neurosurgeon  , plastic surgeon , ENT surgeon , physician and call over and opinion  from other dept are also carried out.
  Post operative case are admitted in ward with surgical ICU with two ventilator along with  central oxygen supply and vacuum suction . Ward rounds are  carried out on daily basis.

 We have fully functional operation theatre complex in 2nd  floor with twin OT  and observation rooms . It is  fully equipped with c arms fracture traction reduction table , laminar air flow theatre, also with powered air purifier respirator and laminar air flow.

1 . Facial Bone Fracture ( MAXILLA AND MANDIBLE) Treatment.
2. Treatment for pathological lesions involving facial bone like Ameloblastoma, Cyst, Tumour, etc..
3. Orthognathic Surgeries (Cosmetic Facial Bone Surgery)
4.Root Canal Treatment.
5. Prosthodontic Rehabilitation of Facial Tissue.
6. Complete Denture and Partial denture ( Replacement of tooth)
7.Orthodontic treatment (Correction of Malocclusion)
8. Surgical removal of Impacted root.
9. Treatment of Odontogenic infections.
10. Restoration of caries tooth.
11. Scaling
12. Biopsy
13. Extraction of tooth.
  All surgeries are planned and discussed  according to latest and upgraded techniques. Infection control followed in our department. All biomedical waste are segregated in red, blue, yellow, white colour coded bins. Strict biomedical waste protocol is followed, Radiation safety followed in our department. Our digital X-Ray unit is Certified by AERB.

 Nine junior resident dental surgeon doing senior internship in our department , routine classes will be conducted for them to upgrade their clinical skill. Also we use to  conduct routine clinical classes for     pre final year MBBS students in our department.
The dept of dental surgery is functioning as per MCI norms meeting the requirements in terms of faculties , technicians, surgical  and medical facilities with  all recorded documents for proper proceedings.  We are equipped with all investigative and treatment facilities which are making our centre as referral centre from  the surrounding PHC and taluk hospitals.We  would like to meet all requirements for NABH  preaccreditation level as per NABH guidelines.

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