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      Department of Dermatology and Venereology

     The Dept. of Dermatology  and Venereology has a Skin Out-Patient Department, Venereology Out-Patient Department, speciality Laboratory and a 20 bedded Ward. The Out-Patient Departments function from 8.00 AM to 12.00Noon daily. We cater on an average of 140 skin patients, 15 venereology patients, and 15 inpatients daily. We run special clinics for PSORIASIS ( Mondays),  VITILIGO (Tuesdays), FUNGAL INFECTIONS (Thursdays) and LEPROSY (Fridays).  On all Wednesdays we conduct MINOR SURGICAL PROCEDURES Clinic for doing Radio frequency cautery, cryo and chemical cautery, and diode Laser procedures for warts, skin tags etc. Our department also houses a latest PUVA/PHOTOTHERAPY  Unit which is of immense use to vitiligo and psoriasis patients in our district. Our 20 bedded ward admits seriously ill skin and venereology patients.

          The venereology clinic runs daily where patients are counseled by a qualified counselor, examined and treated in full privacy. We offer partner counseling and treatment. IEC materials and condoms are distributed for the needy risk population.

          Our speciality lab is well equipped with microscopes with dark ground facility and unlimited supply of  stains and other chemicals. We do potassium hydroxide mount, saline mount and special stains for fungus, bacteria, parasites, Lepra bacilli etc. we have facilities to read biopsy slides, Tzanck smears  and pap smears.


Phototherapy Unit -  Dermatology

Radiofrequency Cautery-  Dermatology


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