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We  are conducting  out patient  services six days a week .    

NT Speciality clinic  in the OP block.

                Monday    -    Headache/ Vertigo ClinicTuesday    -    Endoscopy Day         Wednesday    -    Operation Theatre DayThursday    -    Disability Day                            Friday    -        Operation Theatre Day  Saturday    -    Allergy Clinic
   1)  We are issuing National identity card  for hearing/ speech disabled people. 
Speech therapy  is given for disabled persons/child /Neurological cases.
2)Early detection of hearing disability  and providing HEARING AIDS for the needy people under CMCHIS scheme.  

3)Bus and train passes are provided for the needy disabled people.

4)Early detection of  Nose & throat  malignancies  by advanced VIDEO LARYNGOSCOPY procedures. 
5)Voice therapy  given and followed up  with  the  early detection of  voice disorders  by  advanced STROBOSCOPY analysis. 
6)All  basic and advanced  Ear,Nose&Throat surgeries are being done under CMCHIS scheme. Specifically  Phonosurgeries are done for people suffering from  vocal cord paralysis. 
7) Cancer  awareness is  given for the people  attending OPD .  

OAE- Hearing Assessment - ENT

Maseoidectomy - ENT


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