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General Medicine:
The department of General Medicine functions with one Professor, three Associate Professors and one Senior Assistant Professor and eight Senior Resident/Assistant Professors. There are four units in this department. Assistant Professors attend the sub-jail duty for every month for about two times. Department meeting will be held on 1st week of every month. Journal Club meeting will be conducted in the 3rd week of every month. Symposium will be conducted during every month unit wise. Bed strength in Medicine department is 120 (each unit 30 beds).  Outpatients are treated regularly on all days in this department. In our department the equipments such as ventilator, pulse oximeter, ECG, Bedside monitor, defibrillator monitor, computerized ECG, ultrasound, Echo cardiography, Endoscopy, Nebulizer, Hemodialysis  and ABG analyzer are well maintained.

Teaching Staff :
Sl. No Designation  MCI norms  Name 
1 Professor 1 Dr. S. Kani
2 Assoc. Professor 4 Dr. C. Ilango
Dr. S C. Vivekanandan 
Dr. Peer Mohammed S
Dr. Senthamarai
Dr. Rajavel Murugan
Dr. S. Saravanan
3 Assistant Professor 9 Dr. T. Preethi Shahila
Dr. K. Sankar
Dr. R. Pandi Chelvan
Dr. V. Meenakshi Sundaram
Dr. Veerapandian
Dr. Vijayaraja
Dr. Meenakumari
Dr. R. Vinoth Ramkumar
4 Senior Resident 5 Dr. M. Mathan
Dr. P. Arunkumar
Dr. V.Jaipaul
Dr. Prabhakar Davis Issac Benedict
Dr. R.Subramanian
Dr. C. Nitish Babu
Dr. K.S. Dakshinamoorthy
5 Junior Resident 10 Dr. U. Insuvai
Dr.T.Mathan Pandian 
Dr. Kavipriya
Dr. Sam Paul wesly
Dr. R. Priyadarshini
Dr. K. Thangamani
Dr. Chandhrumari 


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