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                       The Department of Microbiology was started in the year 1998. The first batch of students were admitted during the academic year 2000-2001. The infrastructure facility like separate rooms for Professor, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Tutors, Demonstrators, Laboratory Technicians, a Seminar hall and 2 Demonstration rooms, Students Practical hall with preparation rooms, Service Laboratories for Bacteriology, Virology, Mycology, Tuberculolsis, Immunology, Parasitology and Serology laboratories, Sterilization room, Media preparation room and washing room are available in our department. There is a store house for storing and maintaining the staining reagents and culture media etc for bacterial and fungal cultivation.
                      In our department library, adequate text books, Reference books and Journals are available.  Theory and Practical classes are conducted as per the university norms. Vertical and Horizontal seminars on important topics are carried out by the students and teaching faculty on every Wednesdays. All our teaching programmers are supported with informative audio visual aids and interactive discussions.
                       Around 100 students per year are admitted in Two Years Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technician Course. Theory classes and Practical classes are conducted regularly as per university norms. Each and every batch of CRRIs are undergoing one day special training for sample collection and transportation procedures for diagnostic Microbiology laboratory. All CRRIs in SPM postings will collect the epidemiological data for Acute Diarrhoeal diseases, Enteric fever, Malarial fever, Dengue fever and other infective diseases.
                   Various clinical specimens are received from out patients and inpatients are tested for culture tests and various serological tests.  Sterility check cultures from all the Operation theatres, SNN ward, Labor ward etc of Thoothukudi Govt.Medical College Hospital are received periodically in our laboratory and are processed and reported properly regularly.
                    The sterility check tests are carried out periodically to ensure sterility of blood bags, IV fluids, IV catheters and consumables. Hospital infection control committee visits the hospital and laboratories of every department surprisingly and periodically to ensure the cleanliness and safe disposal of all Biomedical waste generated in our hospital and laboratories. Review meetings are conducted regularly to monitor these activities.
                   Under the Integrated Disease Surveillance Project (IDSP) the surveillance data received from our Serology/Virology Laboratory is sent to the Deputy Director of Health Services, Thoothukudi immediately for necessary and speedy action.
                  Integrated Counselling and Testing Centre for HIV testing is functioning at Thoothukudi Medical College Hospital. Around 1200 per month antenatal mothers and direct walk-in-clients are attending for counseling and HIV testing. The HIV positive people are referred to ART centre for antiretroviral treatment and to RNTCP and STD Department for Tuberculosis & STD screening. State Reference Laboratory (SRL) for quality control of HIV Testing is functioning in our Department. 58 HIV testing centers from PHCS, Government Hospital, Blood Banks and voluntary NGO’s agencies from Thoothukudi District and Sivagangai District are participating in External Quality Assurance Scheme programme. Quality Control tests for HIV Testing are being carried out on quarterly basis.
Teaching Staff :
S.No Faculty Name Designation
1 Dr.T.Jeyamurugan,MD., Professor
2 Dr.B.Subitha,MD., Associate Professor
3 Dr.T.Sankara Narayanan,MD., Assistant Professor
4 Dr.R.Poornakala,MD., Assistant Professor
5 Dr.Hariprasad,MSC.PhD.,(Micro) Tutor
6 Dr.S.Nithya Gomatheswari Tutor
7 Dr.S.Prathana,MD., Tutor
8 Dr.M.Basheer Ahamed,MD., Tutor

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