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Complete antenatal check up for all pregnant women with blood tests like blood grouping and Rh typing, blood sugar and screening for diabetes, HIV and HBsAg, VDRL is done. For all pregnant women anomaly scan(USG) is done at 5th month. We conduct normal delivery, caesarean section which can be planned or done as an emergency in any time, any situation and any status of patients. We conduct high risk op for high risk patients such as Pregnancy induced hypertension, epilepsy, heart disease, Gestational diabetes mellitus, pregnant women with repeated abortions and asthma patients. We provide adequate packed cell transfusions and component transfusion in emergency situations. We provide High dependency unit care with ventilator support with individual multipara monitoring systems for H.D.U patients. We have a defibrillator and 24 hrs oxygen supply to tackle emergency situations. We have Physician, surgeon, neurologist, cardiologist, medical gastroenterologist, nephrologist and other specialists round-the-clock to attend to pregnant and post-operative patients and also outpatients and inpatients. We have a luxurious, spacious, well ventilated post-operative ward with individual private curtains. We have paediatric specialists available 24/7 to attend to our babies with PICU and full ventilator support. We  provide all medical health facilities for dealing with women’s health issues like menstrual disturbances, lumps, mass, infertility, cancer screening. Breast examination is done for all women attending our hospital. We carry out pap smear, VIA, VILI and colposcopy for all women attending our Gynaec OP for early detection of genital tract cancer. We conduct special OP for adolescent girls providing counselling for menstrual hygiene, promoting sexual health awareness and also to detect and treat anemia in them. In addition we conduct family planning services like vasectomy and female sterilization( tubectomy) as permanent methods and according to patient’s wish, we advocate temporary methods like IUCD( Cu T ). We provide MTP services as well. Cu T is inserted immediately following delivery, abortion and caesarean section. We provide surgical management for gynaecological problems like hysterectomy abdominal or vaginal. Conservative surgeries like abdominal sling surgeries are done for unmarried girls presenting with prolapse. Minor surgeries like Dilatation and Curettage, biopsies are carried out. We provide laparoscopic(key hole) surgeries for patients with infertility.

Abdominal sling surgery



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