::: : Ongoing Projects
  1   Morphometric study of spleen and variations in its arterial supply. 
  2   Morphological study of accessory lobes and accessory bridges of liver. 
  3   A study on the branching pattern of axillary artery and its variations. 
  4   Morphometric study of bicipitagroove of dry humerus. 
  5   Anatomicals study of variations in the branches of brachial plexus. 
  6   A cadaveric study on the variations of Lumbar Plexus. 
  7   Cognitive Assessment of upgraded Biomedical Waste Management among the Health Care providers in a Tertiary Care Hospital – Dr. Jeyamurugan. 
  8   Prevalence of urinary tract pathogens and their antibiotic susceptibility pattern in Thoothukudi – Dr. Kalaivani. 
  9   Evaluation of antibiotic resistance in the bacterial isolates of ventilator associated pneumonia – Dr. Subitha, Dr. Kalaivani
  10   Biofilm production and multiding resistance of staphylococcus aureus and coagulase negative staphylococci in atopic dermatitis – Dr. Subitha.
  11   Microbiological evaluation of culture methods in isolating the micro-organisms from patients with suspected spontaneous bacterial peritonitis – A prospective study – Dr. Nithya
  12   Detection of ESBL, Amp C metallo-beta-lactamase producing non fermenters from clinical samples at atertiary care hospital – Dr. Nithya, Dr. Jeyamurugan. 
  13   Hepatitis B core antibody among Hepatitis B Surface antigen negative blood donors in a tertiary care hospital – Dr. Subha. 
  14   Prevalene of Species of dermatophytes in a tertiary care hospital – Dr. Subha
  15   Comparison of various phenotypic methods in the detection of ESBL producing Enterobacteriaceae in a Tertiary Care Hospital – Dr. Jeyabharathi. 
  16   Characterization of virulence factors of uro pathogenic Escherichia Coli and their correlation with Antibiotic Resistance pattern – Dr. Sasireha
  17   Comparative study of Tympanoplasty – Our series – Dr.C.Balasubramanian and Dr.B.Santhanakrishnakumar
  18   A study on Bacteriological Profile in sinusitis patients – Dr.M.SenthilKanitha
  19   Incidence of Depression in recently diagnosed epileptics.
  20   Evaluation of local anaesthetic effect of Lacosamide in adult male guinea pig in comparison with 2% Xylocaine.
  21   Enhancing prescribing competence of interns an experience from patient based workshop with videotaped real patient encounters and feedback.
  22   Evaluation of Local anaesthetic effect of aqueous extract of  syzygiumaromaticum (Clove) in adult male guinea pig in comparison with 2% Xylocaine.
  23   Prospective study of various outcome of all Ventral Hernias for one year at Thoothukudi Medical college – by Dr.R.Subburathinam, M.S., Dr.N.Deivanathan.M.S., Dr.Santhosini, CRRI
  24   Restrospective study of Goitre in Govt.Thoothukudi Medical College By:Dr.C.Gangalakshmi,M.S.,Dr.G.Ragasawasthia, M.S.,Dr.Jayalakshmi,CRRI

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