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A.)    OP –running OPD between 7.30 am to 10.30 am in all days
B.)    Daily immunization given 
C.)    ORT corner  to rehydrate the dehydrated babies
 D.)   We are picking up congenital deformities and developmental abnormalities in District  early intervention centre as early as possible.
We are running special op. Below is the Time Table
Monday Well Baby Clinic
Tuesday Cardiology
Thursday Neuro Clinic
Friday Nutrition Clinic
Saturday Adolescent Health Clinic
Every I & III Friday Congenital anomaly clinic
We are running    PICU 24*7 for  pediatric age groups for poisoning snake bites scorpion sting
We are also  running NICU 24* 7 and giving special care for preterm and LBW babies MSL birth asphyxia, sepsis and all neonatal emergencies  
We are running tertiary care level PICU with 3 ventilators and infusion pumps and syringe pumps to give advance care to very sick children
We have separate ward for dengue cases to give special care
 We have trained PICU nurses to provide tender and loving care to sick children for hasty recovery
We are receiving referrals from neighbouring towns and cities for tertiary level NICU care such as VENTILATORS, CPAP, DOUBLE SURFACE PHOTOTHERAPY, INFUSION AND SYRINGE PUMPS AND WARMERS
We are having facilities for doing BEDSIDE ECHO, USG , XRAY for the benefit of newborn babies
We have specially trained NRHM staff nurses dedicated to newborn care 
We have separate& private  room for providing kangaroo mother care
We also have statisticians and data entry operators methodically recording case sheets and discharge summaries for helping better documentation  

Newborn care - NICU


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