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 The Psychiatry Department 

               The Psychiatry Department of Govt Thoothukudi Medical College is running with team of Psychiatrists from the year 2000

               Many people from rural areas of thoothukudi district and neighbouring districts came here for treatment of major and minor psychiatric illnesses
               The outpatient clinic is conducted daily from 8.00 am to 12.00noon. Around 70 – 80 patients  undergo outpatient treatment everyday.

               There is inpatient ward (with 30 beds) for Deaddiction patients and other psychiatric illnesses is available in the department.
                Around 15 to 20 patients are getting treatment daily in inpatient ward.



                We are conducting suicide prevention clinic in op and many parasuicide patients get counseling and other treatments.
                We are conducting deaddiction clinic daily in op and many alcohol, cannabis and other
                substance dependence people are receiving  counseling and drugs.  

               We are screening differently abled persons for mental retardation and
mental illness  and issuing disability certificate for MR /MI   . 
              We are conducting lecture and clinical classes for MBBS , Diploma nursing students.

              Modified Electro Convulsive Therapy ( ECT ) is given with the help of anesthetist for needed patients.               


Psychiatry - Electro Convulsive Therapy

Psychiatry - Counselling

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