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Thoracic medicine is a medical specialty that involves care of patients with all forms of Respiratory diseases including Tuberculosis. At department of Thoracic medicine, we offer comprehensive services for patients with airway, pleura and lung disorder: 

Services Include

Outpatient services:
OPO works daily except on Sundays and we offer Asthma clinic, COPO Clinic, Smoking cessation program, PEFR recording, Spirometry - pre post bronchodilator reversibility test, Nebulization, Inhalation device training & patient counseling. Chest Physiotherapy etc.
In-Patient Services:
Total beds available in Thoracic Medicine ward are 30 [both Male and Female]. It has Central Oxygen Supply and central vacum suction facilities. A procedure rooms, where procedure like pleural Aspiration, Pleural Biopsy, Inter Costal Tube Insertion and Fine Needle aspiration are done in the chest ward. Intensive Respiratory care unit comprises 5 beds.

Pulmonary Function Tests

This test is used to distinguish Obstructive and lung diseases and for preoperative   assessment of pulmonary function in patients undergoing abdominal or thoracic surgeries.

Diffusing capacity measurements, by co diffusion (DLCO) for Early detection of Restrictive Lung disease and Lo assess prognosis of restrictive lung diseases.
Exercise Testing & Rehabilitation.
 6 min walk test
 Smoking cessation program
 Pulmonary rehabilitation program
Bronchoscopy / Thoracoscopy Services:
               Conventional and Fibreoplic video bronchoscopy
               Fibrotic video Thoracoscopy

Thoracentesis, Lcd placement, Pleurodesis and Pleuralbiospy

Sleep Lab:
Polysomnography with video & EEG recording
RNTCP and Dots Centre: To diagnose, treatment and follow up tuberculosis, sputum for AFN - to diagnose patients with tuberculosis, this test is being carried out
Occupational Respiratory Unit: Diagnosis, treatment and follow up of occupational lung disease patients


 PFT - Spirometry- TB & Chest 

 Video Bronchoscopy TB & Chest 

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